happy tears.

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Sometimes I cry in response to things and I don't know why.
Here are a collection of items which warrant that response.


A few years ago I had to produce a world war two project for my history class. Naturally I decided to research the role of pigeons. After many wikipedia pages I stumbled upon this little bird named Paddy. My eyes started watering, I was overwhealmed with the thought that someone named a bird such a stupid name.

"shut open".

It was far too late to be writing this website and my brain was not functioning. I was annoncing on a phone call that I had way too many tabs on the go and needed to close them as it was causing more confusion than needed. Except I didn't say that, I said I was going to "shut open" the tabs. The juxtapostion and my delirious state was enough to trigger a tearful response.

bendy buses.

Whilst discussing future career plans with a friend I said that I'd like to be a pilot, captain or bus driver because I like to have control. What could be better than being in charge of a large vehicle with many people travelling within it: their lives dependant on you? I said, however, this would not be possible because by the time I was out of education these jobs would be automated. She asked me what my vehicle preference would be and without hesitation I announced "a bendy bus". Whilst trying to justify my decision to her I started tearing up, I had such previosly unknown passsion towards these marvels of engineering. They're just so cool, I don't know how somebody invented them, why would you ever take a bus and make it longer but with part of an accordian in the middle?


tadpoles with legs.

I cannot get over how cute/dumb these things look. Maybe it's years of supressed maternal instincts coming out, I'm not sure.

20 across.

I feel like this image speaks for itself.


Words are incapable of describing my amazement when I saw this for the first time or even when reminising on that occurrence. I am in absolute awe, so friggin' cool.


Whilst talking to my mum in the kitchen she was expressing how she felt a sense of loss after fininishing Breaking Bad. This was because "these charaters were in your life everyday and you got to really know them and now you don't see them at all" she said. This triggered me to say I felt the same after re-watching all of Merlin the other year (omg it's so good). Shit, I felt my eyes tearing up "I'm not saying I'm crying over merlin in the kitchen, but..." I expressed. But I was.

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